FD 2200 4WD

The maximum you can require from a hydrostatic 4WD out-front mower!

Grillo FD 2200 4WD
Grillo FD 2200 4WD The Grillo FD2200 4WD is fitted with a 1200 litres grass catcher, once the grass catcher is full the blades will disengage automatically. Grillo FD 2200 4WD Grillo FD 2200 4WD Grillo FD 2200 4WD Grillo FD 2200 4WD Cutter deck “LMP” 160 cm. By removing the side baffles you have the possibility to pass from mulch cutting mode to side discharge and rear discharge mode The FD2200 4WD is fitted with grass catcher and cutter deck controls which are operated via a hydraulic lever system. The FD2200 4WD’s steering column is ergonomic, height adjustable and longitudinally tilting. Grillo FD 2200 4WD Grillo FD 2200 4WD The Grillo FD2200 4WD’ s turbine has 400 mm diameter and 5 wear resistant steel propeller blades which are 8mm thick
The FD2200 is right at the height of technology and performance which can be achieved in a professional hydrostatic mower with a collection facility. The machine has permanent 4-wheel-drive, an out-front cutter deck, a grass catcher which can be raised to a height of 210cm, a 44 HP diesel engine and a turning radius of just 62 cm. Its easy to operate and exceptionally stable on sloping ground. Even the most demanding green maintenance operator requiring a high quality cut will appreciate the characteristics of its 155 cm deck, combined with a powerful hydraulic turbine. The grass catcher has a collection capacity of 1200 L; once the catcher is full, the blades will automatically disengage.

The FD2200’s out-front deck ensures, that together with a comfortable driving position, excellent visibility over the area to be cut. The floating deck produces a regular and precise cut even on undulating ground.

Its cutting quality and collection is extraordinary, particularly in conditions of high, wet grass.

The deck houses two contra-rotating blades fitted with swing tips, these are then attached to disks which help prevent damage should unseen debris be struck. The deck is also fitted with anti-scalp wheels, whilst the two front deck wheels are solid rubber. 

The cutting height adjustment has 8 positions and is altered by activating on 4 pivot points. The cut grass is propelled into the high performance hydraulic turbine which is protected by a shock-resistant valve. The turbine is 400 mm in diameter and has 5 wear resistant steel propeller blades which are 8 mm thick. Its outer casing consists of two easily interchangeable wear resistant shells made of 5 mm steel. 

The FD2200 is also extremely effective in collecting Autumn leaves; in order to increase its performance the deck is fitted with adjustable baffles. The grass catcher incorporates an oscillating chute which allows the catcher to fill evenly and,when full, a sensor will stop the blades, thereby avoiding any blockage in the collecting system.

The FD2200 is able to raise its grass catcher to a height of 210 cm and then protrude out 50 cm, allowing the clippings to be easily emptied into a truck or container. 

The Grillo FD2200 has a high hourly output, for instance in large open park areas, sports facilities, and even in more complex areas full of obstacles, such as plants or trees, due to its high maneuverability, its extremely small turning radius plus the machine’s short wheelbase. Its stability when cutting across or up slopes is very impressive due its well designed weight distribution and the diff-lock, which is operated automatically or manually.

The innovative permanent 4-wheel-drive, allows, via its hydraulic diff-lock, maximum traction without slipping under most conditions and also without damaging the grass, even if the steering is at its maximum angle! The turf tyres and their broad width give a very small footprint, even when the grass catcher is full. The pivoting rear axle ensures drive to all 4 wheels even when mowing on undulating ground. There are no problems when mounting pavements or kerbs for the Grillo FD2200 4WD. 

The Grillo FD2200 is manufactured with an extremely robust and strong chassis; the reinforced cutter deck is protected in all areas that are exposed to wear and its grass catcher has an over sized support for strength and stability. During the design of the machine a large percentage of high resistant steel was used. The machine’s hydraulic components are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers.

The Grillo FD2200 is fitted with the latest Yanmar 4TNV88 4-cylinder diesel engine, it produces 44HP at only 2600 rpm and is mounted on rubber isolation blocks for smooth performance. The liquid cooled engine has a self-cleaning radiator; the hydraulic cooling fan is able to reverse its rotation in order to eliminate all debris from the radiator screen. The system is automatic and is controlled by a sensor,or it can be activated manually.

The hydraulic multi-disk PTO-clutch with built-in blade brake, is activated by a push-button, ensuring both reliability and durability. The lining of the blade brake is adjustable so that its efficiency can be maintained as the lining wears. The PTO engagement is independent from that of the impeller.

The FD2200,s high driving position is ergonomic and has been developed in order to protect the operator from fatigue during extended working hours. The operators seat is wide, comfortable, adjustable and has arm-rests. The grass catcher and the cutter decks controls are operated by a hydraulic lever distribution system. The folding,certified ROPS bar is standard equipment as is the lighting kit which is fully homologated for road use. The optional operators cab has excellent visibility,a heating, and air conditioning kit are available on request.

Apart from the standard 155cm cutter deck with its mulch kit there is also the possibility to purchase various other useful implements such as a snow blade, 150cm flail or a 160cm three bladed deck which can be used in a side or rear discharge configuration or if conditions are right in a mulching mode. All of the cutter decks can easily be raised for cleaning and maintenance.

All components, from the simplest to the most complex, are of a high standard. The chassis, cutting transmission, cutter deck, are all built by Grillo using premium materials and cutting edge technology. All this in order to achieve a constant 100% quality control level. 

 Painting of Grillo machines incorporates a double electrostatic powder coating process. At the first stage are the washing baths and preparation, then a first protective coat is applied which is then baked in a special oven, this has proven to be the best base for the application of the finish. The second coat consists of powder coating and still further baking in an oven at 190°C, this then produces the characteristic hardness and shine. All FD2200s are assembled with care in every detail and tested scrupulously by specialized personnel. Final inspection includes running the engine in order to check all its functions to ensure a further and final guarantee of a first class product. 

The FD2200, as with all Grillo products, was designed and built to last plus retain its value over many years. All Grillo machines are distributed and serviced by a widespread dealer network. Spare parts remain available for many years after production has stopped giving you extra confidence in Grillo.

Technical data sheet
Technical data sheet FD 2200 4WD
Engine Yanmar 4TNV88
Start electric, with 12 V battery
Supply diesel
Displacement 2190 cc, 4 Cylinders
Power 44 HP (33 kW)
Liquid cooled with hydraulic impeller and equipped with automatic radiator cleaning device
Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges, safety filter and prefilter
Fuel tank capacity 50 L
Hydraulic oil tank 25 L
Traction Hydraulic, 4-wheel drive (permanent drive even with a narrow turning radius)
Gearbox Hydrostatic transmission with 4 hydraulic engines on the 4 wheels
Clutch Hydraulic with electric control activated through PTO with blade brake
Cutting height Adjustable at 25 - 35 - 50 - 60 - 75 - 85 - 95 - 110 mm
Grass collector capacity 1200 L
Grass catcher charging system Charging turbine, 400 mm diameter, equipped with a hydraulic engine as well as a safety valve in order to avoid accidental damages. Independent activation from the cutting deck. Grass catcher equipped with motorised baffle inside the for even filling.
Grass collector discharging system Hydraulic grass catcher emptying with automatic opening
Maximal discharging height 230 cm
Rear projection 50 cm
Differential locking Self-engaging and manual by pushing the button
Front tyres Turf 24x12.00-12
Rear tyres Turf 20x10.00-10
Steering system Hydro-steer
Speed Continuously variable from 0 to 20 km/h
Inner turning radius 62 cm
Seat Comfortable seat equipped with springs with arm-rests and adjustable
Mowing capacity per hour (indicative) 15500 m^2/h
Standard features Automatic disengagement of blades and turbine when the grass catcher is full. Hydraulic cutting deck lifting and emptying. Lights and indicator kit
Length 250 cm without cutting deck - 342 cm with cutting deck [cod. 9L9611]
Width 135 cm without cutting deck - 162 cm with cutting deck [cod. 9L9611]
Height 183 cm with the roll bar let down – 238 cm with roll bar or cabin
Distance between axles 126 cm
Clear span from the ground 18 cm
Weight 1290 kg without cutting deck - 1510 kg with cutting deck [cod. 9L9611]
In action! Photos and Videos
In action! Photos and Videos
Grillo FD2200 4WD
Grillo FD2200 4WD
Grillo FD2200 4WD
Grillo FD2200 4WD
Grillo FD2200 4WD
Grillo FD2200 4WD
Grillo FD2200 4WD
Grillo FD2200 4WD
Stability and traction during the cut across slopes are ensured by its well designed weight distribution and by the differential lock.
Stability and traction during the cut across slopes are ensured by its well designed weight distribution and by the differential lock.
Grillo FD2200 4WD
Grillo FD2200 4WD
The Grillo FD2200 4WD is useful during winter to remove snow and ice from streets and yards.
The Grillo FD2200 4WD is useful during winter to remove snow and ice from streets and yards.
FD2200 4WD
FD2200 4WD
Implements FD 2200 4WD

Cutting deck 155 cm with collection and mulching kit

Cutting deck 155 cm with collection and mulching kit - COD. 9L9611
to be applied on FD 2200 4WD
item no.: 9L9611
weight: 180 kg

The 155 cm cutter deck is equipped with two contra-rotating disks with two swing back shock-resistant tips.
It is appropriate for the cut of medium sized and large domestic and public areas, such as parks and gardens.
The cutting height adjustment is made by acting on the pins in 4 points.
The mulching kit is part of the standard equipment and ensures grinding the grass without collecting it.
The deck's transmission is particularly silent thanks to Grillo's right angle gearboxes.
The cutter deck's front wheels are all anti-puncture treated.
The reinforced cutter deck is protected in areas exposed to wear and has a perimeter shock-resistant protection; the blade hubs are fitted with dust-proof protections.
The whole cutter deck can be lifted up and be easily tilted back for inspection, transport and maintenance without the need to disassemble neither the load chute nor the cardan joint.  

Cutting deck LMP 160 cm

to be applied on FD 13.09 4WD - FD 2200 4WD - FD 2200TS 4WD - FM 13.09 4WD
item no.: 9M4511
weight: 170 kg

Three functions:

  • side discharge
  • mulching
  • rear discharge

Hydraulic kit for accessories FD2200

to be applied on FD 2200 4WD
item no.: 9B6712
weight: 7 kg

The hydraulic kit allows the connection of different implements to quick couplings. 

Front blade 175 cm with rubber end (for FD 2200 cod. 9B6712 needed)

Floating front blade 175 cm + rubber end - COD. 9G0822
to be applied on FD 2200 4WD - FD 2200TS 4WD - FM 2200 4WD
item no.: 9G0822
weight: 200 kg

The orientable front blade allows to rapidly free pathways from snow and ice; it's also useful for removing stone piles or sand heaps.
All blade's movements are hydraulically controlled; the blade can be lifted up and inclined laterally + / - 30°.
The rubber end helps avoiding damages on stone pavings and streets.
Hydraulic kit is needed with this implement.

Comfort cabin with heating FD2200

to be applied on FD 2200 4WD - FD 2200TS 4WD
item no.: 950012
weight: 170 kg

The comfort cabin is equipped with anti-condensation heating system and it ensures a great visibility on the area to be cut.
The equipment includes windscreen wipers, windows as well internal and external safety closing

Premium cabin kit with heating and air conditioning

to be applied on FD 2200 4WD
item no.: 948212
weight: 195 kg

Pneumatic dampened seat and electric air compressor

to be applied on FD 13.09 4WD - FD 2200 4WD - FM 13.09 4WD - FM 2200 4WD
item no.: 9A8811
weight: 15 kg

All purpose flail 135 cm with solid wheels and blades scarifiers kit

to be applied on FD 13.09 4WD - FD 2200 4WD - FD 2200TS 4WD - FM 13.09 4WD - FM 2200 4WD
item no.: 9G5711
weight: 240 kg

Blades scarifier Kit

to be applied on FD 13.09 4WD - FD 2200 4WD - FD 2200TS 4WD - FM 13.09 4WD - FM 2200 4WD
item no.: 9G5822
weight: 4.5 kg

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