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The HR7 PRO Series tillers are robust and reliable machines, with oil-bath mechanical transmission and 32 cm diameter tiller, suitable for professional and intensive use in all soil conditions, but also extremely manoeuvrable in small spaces because of the compact design and accurate balancing.


The gearbox of all models has 3 forward and 1 reverse gears and 2 power take-offs, one for attachments and one synchronised with the gearbox.


The 6-star tiller (rows of hoes) with side discs, is 99 cm wide and can be adjusted to 72 cm and with a widening kit (optional) can be extended to 125 cm; the hoe shaft is 27 mm hexagonal, the hoes are made of hardened steel and bolted.


The actively controlled clutch, operated via an ergonomic lever, is maintenance-free and easy to adjust. When the lever is released, the tiller stops immediately and the engine remains running. Maximum practicality and safety.


The Grillo HR76 PRO is equipped with the Loncin G300FA gasoline engine, with an output of 9.3 HP (6.8 kW).
It is a latest-generation engine with the best features for agricultural use including excellent torque already at low engine speeds. Rugged, reliable and quiet, it is equipped with a system that reduces the force required for starting. A new bumper with integrated transfer wheel comes standard. The fuel tank has a capacity of 6.1 liters.


The handlebar is adjustable in height and laterally, with practical levers to facilitate working between plants while avoiding branches or obstacles.

Technical data sheet
Technical data sheet HR76 PRO
Engine Loncin G300FA
Start recoil starter
Supply fuel
Displacement 302 cc, 1 Cylinder
Power 9.3 HP (6.8 kW)
Air cooled
Dry air filter
Fuel tank capacity 6,1 L
Transmission Oil-bath gearbox
Gearbox 3 forward gears + reverse
Clutch Active conical
Hoes system diametre 32 cm
Working width area with side disks 72 cm - 99 cm (standard) - 125 cm (optional)
Working depth area without side disks 58 cm - 85 cm (standard) - 111 cm (optional)
P.T.O. Upper PTO with direct engagement at engine speed - Lower PTO synchronised with the gearbox
Standard features Adjustable handlebar, adjustable spur, transfer wheel
Implements Tiller extension, plough, furrower, transfer wheels, tiller rods
Length 138 cm (min.) - 165 cm (max.)
Width 61 cm (min.) - 99 cm (max.)
Height 90 cm (min.) - 125 cm (max.)
Weight 95 kg
In action! Photos and Videos
In action! Photos and Videos
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