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Princess MR

Grillo Princess MR
Princess tillers are reliable, safe and well balanced.
The Grillo Princess MR, together with the Princess M1 and MP3, makes up a series of tillers that differ in their transmission.
The Princess MR has a forward and reverse gear and the tiller rotation is 132 rpm.
The 83 cm wide tiller has a tines diameter of 32 cm and consists of 6 stars of tines and side discs. It is possible to remove two or four tiller stars to obtain smaller tilling widths.

The Grillo Princess MR is equipped with an active coupling; the advance lever on the handlebar, when pressed, starts the rotation of the tines. When the lever is released, the tines stop immediately and the engine remains running. Maximum practicality and safety.

To operate reverse gear, simply press the lever to the right of the handlebar.

The Grillo Princess is available with the G200FA Loncin and GX 200 Honda petrol engines. These are latest-generation engines with the best features for agricultural use, including excellent torque at low revs. Sturdy, reliable and quiet, they are equipped with a system that reduces the force required for starting.
For work in very dusty areas the Honda engine is equipped with an oil bath filter.

The tines are made of hardened steel are secured by bolts. The tiller is securely clamped on the tiller axle with M10 bolts.
The tiller transmission casing is bolted on for maintenance purposes.

The height-adjustable spur can be fixed or oscillating and makes work easy while keeping the machine balanced. In addition, in the oscillating position it acts as a rudder for working around plants.

Two spurs are supplied as standard: one for soft soil and one for hard soil.
The adjustment of the spur determines the working depth.
When the spur is set low, the tines sink deeper into the ground.
With the spur set high, the center of gravity shifts forward and the machine tends to advance more quickly.
Using the side discs and high spur increases flotation and forward movement.

The furrower replaces the spur and allows perfect furrows of the desired depth to be made for seeding or irrigation.

Side discs should not be used when tilling hard soil that has never been tilled.
In softer soils, side discs become very useful: they help maintain direction, advance and protect nearby crops from tilling.

The handlebar is adjustable in height and laterally, with practical levers, without having to unscrew screws or knobs. This makes it easy to work between plants, without stopping to avoid branches or obstacles.

The front wheel, provided as standard, is the best transfer system. It is equipped with a practical spring device that automatically locks it in the working and transfer positions.
In addition, the Grillo Princess tiller is easy to transport by car because of its reversible handlebar and compact dimensions.

Cleaning and maintenance is very simple! You only need to check periodically the engine oil level and clean the filter. The gearbox doesn't need any maintenance. As with all Grillo products, the Princess was designed and built to last plus retain its value over many years. All components, from the simplest to the most complex, are of a high quality standard. Grillo mounts last generation engines! Frame, handlebar, tiller, everything is built by Grillo in Italy, using the best materials and the latest technology to have high, consistent and 100% controlled quality.

Painting of all Grillo machines is made with a double electrostatic powder coating process. After washing and preparation, a first protective coat is applied then baked in a special oven; this has proven to be the best base for the application of the finish. The second coat consists of powder coating and further baking in an oven at 190°C; this gives the characteristic hardness and shine. All machines are assembled with care in every detail and tested scrupulously by trained personnel. Final inspection includes running the engine in order to check all its functions to guarantee a first class product.

All Grillo machines are distributed and serviced by a widespread dealer network. Spare parts remain available for many years after production has stopped giving you extra confidence in Grillo.

Technical data sheet
Technical data sheet Princess MR
Engine Loncin G200FA
Start recoil starter
Supply fuel
Displacement 196 cc, 1 Cylinder
Power 5.5 HP (4.1 kW)
Air cooled
Oil bath air filter
Engine Honda GX200 OHV
Start recoil starter
Supply fuel
Displacement 196 cc, 1 Cylinder
Power 5.5 HP (4.1 kW)
Air cooled
Oil bath air filter
Fuel tank capacity 3,1 L mot. GX200 - 3 L mot. G200FA
Gearbox 1 forward gear + 1 reverse gear
Clutch with lever control on the handlebar working on the belt tensioner
Final drive with pinion and chain
Standard rotary tiller with 6 hoes and several tillers, working width 83 cm
Hoes system diametre 32 cm
Working width area with side disks adjustable at 83 and 59 cm
Working depth area without side disks adjustable at 30, 52 and 77 cm
Working depth 32 cm
Max. revolutions tiller forward gear 132 rpm - reverse gear 40 rpm
Carter of the tiller bolted, pressed steel with screwed shells
Handlebar height and side adjustment
Standard features Front transfer wheel. Two spurs: one for hard soils, the other one for soft soils
Safety devices machine cut-out on release; mudguards and handlebar according to the law; muffler protection
Weight 62 kg with eng. GX200 OHC - 64 kg with eng. G200FA
In action! Photos and Videos
In action! Photos and Videos
Grillo Princess 9
Grillo Princess 9
Grillo Princess MR
Grillo Princess MR
Grillo Princess MR
Grillo Princess MR
Grillo Princess MR
Grillo Princess MR
Implements Princess MR


Furrower - COD. 948622
to be applied on Princess M1 - Princess MP3 - Princess MP3 PRO - Princess MR
item no.: 948622
weight: 2 kg

Transport wheels for rotavator Ø 42 cm (pair)

Side wheels pair for rotavator Ø 42 cm - COD. 9C7522
to be applied on 11500 - 3500 - Princess M1 - Princess MP3 - Princess MP3 PRO - Princess MR
item no.: 9C7522
weight: 7 kg

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