Climber 7.15

Grillo Climber 7.15
Grillo Climber 7.15 Grillo Climber 7.15 Grillo Climber 7.15 Grillo Climber 7.15 Grillo Climber 7.15
A hydro-static blade mower equipped with differential lock, front safety brakes and electromagnetic clutch, it is ideal for cutting tall grass, brushwood and brambles on slopes and uneven terrain.
With its high-performance 12 HP engine, the Grillo Climber 7.15 can climb safely and is effective in cleaning rustic areas, in agriculture and in green maintenance.
The extreme maneuverability, smooth steering and fast working speed make the Grillo Climber 7.15 quick and efficient, and at the same time simple and pleasant to use. A brush cutter within everyone's reach!
The single-blade cutter deck has a working width of 85 cm. The structure of the entire cutting apparatus is not afraid of impacts with stones. The large-diameter blade shaft and cutting transmission guarantee reliability even under the toughest working conditions for many hours and in complete safety.
The cutting blade is made of special molded steel with a special low-impact anti-noise shape, and has reversible knives (double-edged, they can be turned once worn) and retracted in the event of impact. The plate has protective side doors that can be raised to facilitate maintenance and cleaning.

The Climber 7.15 is compact, with a low center of gravity and optimal weight distribution, and is built for maximum stability and operator safety. The low ground clearance makes the Climber 7.15 ideal for work under trees.
The seat placed close to the ground (the lowest in its category), the vertical-axis endothermic engine positioned very low, the ventral plate placed exactly between the 4 wheels and the battery placed on the front axle, make the machine exceptionally stable and suitable for tackling slopes.

The extremely small turning radius of only 45 cm allows movement in tight spaces.
The tilting front axle and sculpted tractor wheels guarantee grip and traction on uneven, low-grip terrain. The Grillo Climber 7.15 climbs in total safety!
To further increase operator safety, the Climber 7.15 is equipped as standard with drum brakes on the front wheels that can be operated by foot pedal.
The front wheels are equipped with anti-puncture treatment, making it possible to work in the harshest environments!

The transmission consists of a hydro-static axle equipped with a fan to cool the oil, an essential feature to increase the transmission's efficiency by reducing its operating temperature.
The mechanical differential lock is standard, is controlled by a foot pedal and is indispensable for overcoming slopes in low-grip conditions or if the terrain is extremely uneven and the machine remains on 3 wheels.

The blades are engaged by means of an electric button located near the steering wheel. The cutting height, from 35 to 85 mm, is adjusted from the driver's seat by using a lever with 6 cutting positions; the same lever has an additional transfer position that allows the entire cutter deck to be lifted off the ground, automatically stopping the rotation of the blades to easily negotiate kerbs and obstacles.
The tension of the deck belt is self-adjusting. The entire cutter deck is kept parallel to the ground at all times, improving cutting quality even after years of use.

The Grillo Climber 7.15 is an extremely comfortable machine!
Extraordinary comfort is achieved with a low foot board that can be adjusted in length in two positions. The feet rest at the best angle to give the operator maximum safety. The advance lever and steering are smooth in operation. The comfortable, longitudinally adjustable, sprung seat has armrests that hold the operator when negotiating slopes.
Driving the Climber 7.15 is not tiring even after many hours of work!

The Climber 7.15 has a Grillo GR 452 petrol engine with a 7 liter fuel tank and electric start. The single-cylinder engine with overhead valves and cast-iron cylinder has a displacement of 452 cc.
The air filter is easy to access for quick cleaning.

The aggressive design leaves no one indifferent! Immediately striking are the sleek, modern lines of the fairing and frame in view!
The Climber 7.15 passed the toughest tests to prove the reliability of the transmission, cutting gear, frame, and all its components.
The roll bar, tow bar, hour meter and front light are standard.

All components, from the simplest to the most complex, are of high quality.
Frame, cutting transmission, plate, everything is built by Grillo in Italy, using the best materials and the latest technology to achieve high, consistent and 100% controlled quality.
The painting of Grillo machines is double-layer electrostatic powder. First there are the washing and preparation baths, then a first protective layer is applied which, with baking in the oven, is the best base for the finishing application. The second layer of paint and a further baking at 190°C give the characteristic hardness and gloss.
The Grillo Climber 7.15 is meticulously assembled and thoroughly tested by specialized personnel. The final testing of the Climber 7.15 includes a test with the engine running to check all functionality. A further and final guarantee for a high quality product.

Like all Grillo products, the Climber 7.15 is designed and built to last and retain its value for many years.
Grillo products are distributed and serviced extensively by Grillo's network of specialist dealers. Spare parts are available even after many years.

Technical data sheet
Technical data sheet Climber 7.15
Engine Loncin LC1P92F
Start electric, with 12 V battery
Supply fuel
Displacement 452 cc, 1 Cylinder
Power 12 HP (9 kW) - Gross power 15 HP
Air cooled
Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges
Fuel tank capacity Fuel tank 7 litres (reserve tank 1 litre)
Gearbox hydrostatic transmission
Clutch Clutch: electromagnetic for PTO with blade brake
Cutter deck side/rear discharge
Cutting configuration 1 rotating blade
Cutting width 850 mm
Cutting height 6 different cutting positions from 35 to 85 mm and 1 position for transport
Peripheral blade speed 76 m/s
Differential locking Differencial locki by pedal action
Front tyres 3.50-6 TRACTOR and puncture-proof treated
Rear tyres 16x6.50-8 Tractor
Speed Continuously variable from 0 to 9 km/h, reverse gear from 0 to 6 km/h
Inner turning radius 45 cm
Seat Dampened and adjustable seat, with roll bar
Service brake On the front wheels brakes are pedal-operated
Parking brake On the rear wheels brakes are lever-operated
Mowing capacity per hour (indicative) 4800 m^2/h
Standard features tow bar and front headlight
Length 1895 mm
Width 950 mm
Height 985 mm
Weight 250 kg
In action! Photos and Videos
In action! Photos and Videos
Grillo Climber 7.15
Grillo Climber 7.15
Grillo Climber 7.15
Grillo Climber 7.15
Grillo Climber 7.15
Grillo Climber 7.15
Grillo Climber 7.15
Grillo Climber 7.15
Grillo Climber 7.15
Grillo Climber 7.15
Grillo Climber 7.15
Grillo Climber 7.15
Implements Climber 7.15

Orientable front blade 125 cm

to be applied on Climber 10 AWD 22 - Climber 10 AWD 27 - Climber 7.15 - Climber 7.18 - Climber 8.22 - Climber 9.18 - Climber 9.22 - MD 15 - MD 18 - MD 22N - MD 24 AWD - MD 28 AWD
item no.: 9G2611
weight: 54 kg

Rubber end for blade 125 cm

Rubber end for blade 125 cm - COD. 9E5911C
to be applied on Climber 10 AWD 22 - Climber 10 AWD 27 - Climber 7.15 - Climber 7.18 - Climber 8.22 - Climber 9.18 - Climber 9.22 - Dumper 507 - G 107d - G 108 - G 110 - G 131 - G131 BC - G 85d - GF 3 - GF 3DF - MD 15 - MD 18 - MD 22N - MD 24 AWD - MD 28 AWD
item no.: 9E5911C
weight: 1 kg

Coupling for 125 cm snow blade for Climber 7 series, MD

to be applied on Climber 7.15 - Climber 7.18 - MD 15 - MD 18
item no.: 949311
weight: 5 kg

Snow chains for rear wheels 16x6.50-8 Climber 7 series (pair)

to be applied on Climber 7.15 - Climber 7.18 - G 55 - GF 2 - GH 7 - GH 8 - GH 9
item no.: 9M3722
weight: 2 kg

Seat suspension kit

to be applied on Climber 10 AWD 22 - Climber 7.15 - Climber 7.18 - Climber 8.22 - Climber 9.27 - MD 15 - MD 28 AWD
item no.: 9A4511AF
weight: 8 kg
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