Climber 9.27

Trattore trinciaerba idrostatico, il TOP delle 2WD

Grillo Climber 9.27
Grillo Climber 9.27 Grillo Climber 9.27 Grillo Climber 9.27 Grillo Climber 9.27 Grillo Climber 9.27

The 9.27 model is at the top of the Climber 9 series range; designed specifically for the maintainer who requires maximum productivity under the most demanding conditions.
It is distinguished by a powerful engine, higher working speed (11.5 km/h), a wider cutting deck (98 cm) with stronger side guards, and higher wheels at both front and rear (rear 18×8.50-8, front 3.50-6).
The mounted wheels increase ground clearance by 8 cm and the maximum cutting height is 13.5 cm.

Technical data sheet
Technical data sheet Climber 9.27
Engine Briggs & Stratton Series 8290 CXi Commercial
Start electric, with 12 V battery
Supply fuel
Displacement 724 cc, 2 Cylinders
Power 22 HP (16.2 kW)
Air cooled
Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges
Fuel tank capacity 13 L.
Gearbox hydrostatic transmission with reduction gear unit and diff
Clutch Clutch: electromagnetic for PTO with blade brake
Cutter deck Side/rear discharge
Cutting configuration rotating with 1 blade with swinging tips and double cutting edge
Cutting width 98 cm
Cutting height from 3,5 cm to 13,5 cm with continuous adjustment
Differential locking Differential locking device by pedal action
Front tyres Tractor 3,50-6 puncture-proof treated
Rear tyres 18x9.50-8 Tractor
Speed Continuously variable from 0 to 11,5 km/h, reverse gear from 0 to 7,5 km/h
Inner turning radius 80 cm
Seat adjustable super-comfort seat with foldable roll-bar.
Service brake On the front wheels brakes are pedal-operated
Parking brake On the rear wheels brakes are lever-operated
Mowing capacity per hour (indicative) 8000 m^2/h
Standard features Dampened seat support
Length 1960 mm
Width 1080 mm
Height 950 mm (with folded roll-bar)
Distance between axles 1330 mm
Weight 358 kg
In action! Photos and Videos
In action! Photos and Videos
Grillo Climber 9.27
Grillo Climber 9.27
Implements Climber 9.27

Seat suspension kit

to be applied on Climber 10 AWD 22 - Climber 7.15 - Climber 7.18 - Climber 8.22 - Climber 9.27 - MD 15 - MD 28 AWD
item no.: 9A4511AF
weight: 8 kg

Rotating beacon

to be applied on Climber 10 AWD 27 - Climber 9.27
item no.: 944211
weight: 2 kg

Snow chains for wheels 18x9.50-8 (pair)

to be applied on Climber 8.22 - Climber 9.27
item no.: 9M4322
weight: 2 kg

To increase the wheels grip on snow and ice, easy to mount and dismount.

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