FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD

Grillo FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD Grillo FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD Grillo FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD

The FD 13.09 4-wheel drive hydro static mower is specially designed for cutting and collecting grass. The wide deck and grass catcher, combined with an extremely small turning radius, make it an ideal machine for maintainers. The permanent four-wheel-drive system allows you to do great work safely on all types of slopes. The FD 13.09 is unsurpassed for the maintenance of school gardens, public parks, sports facilities, campsites, riding stables, and anywhere where an attractive appearance and effective cleaning is required.

The Grillo FD 13.09 has a large cutting and collecting capacity; in extreme conditions of high and wet grass it is unrivaled.
The grass catcher has an unloading height of 200 cm and 20 cm rear overhang allowing easy unloading onto transport vehicles.
The FD 13.09 is also ideal for leaf collection.
Its agility, its ease of overcoming kerbs and differences in height make it ideal for the maintenance of flowerbeds
and roundabouts.

The Grillo FD13.09 can be equipped with two collecting plates of 132 cm and 155 cm.
Both decks are equipped with hydraulic cutting height adjustment via an electric button from the driver's seat and are supplied with a mulching kit as standard.
The decks are front-mounted with an extremely sturdy central collection and cardan shaft drive with oil-bath angle drives.
The cutting blades and grass catcher system stop automatically when the grass catcher is full to prevent clogging.
Two mulchers are also available for the FD13.09, 160 cm and 130 cm, both of which have the option of using the Scarifier Kit (optional).
In addition, the 160 cm mulcher has the option of using the Grass Blade Kit (optional).

The 130 cm three-blade MP deck has two integrated functions: mulching cut and rear discharge cut. The function change is easily performed via an electric button from the driver's seat.

Three-blade 160 cm LMP cutting deck has three functions in one: mulching cut, side discharge cut and rear discharge cut (supplied with two types of blades).
Switching from one function to the other is achieved by simply removing the bulkheads, an operation performed in the field by the operator quickly and easily.

The 150 cm snow blade is also available.

The PTO clutch is hydraulic multi-disc with built-in blade brake and is actuated electrically via a push button, ensuring great reliability and durability.
The PTO clutch is independent of the collection clutch.
The deck is hydraulically floating and maintains the same ground pressure in all working conditions, reducing grass trampling before cutting and perfectly following ground undulations.
The cutting height adjustment, by means of an electric button from the driver's seat, is continuous and allows the operator to adapt the machine to working conditions easily, quickly and precisely.

The innovative grass collection system uses a loading accelerator that transfers mechanical energy directly to the grass without the need of a large airflow to transport it.
This reduces the noise and consumption required to load the grass into the grass catcher. When the blades are engaged, an automatic mechanism starts the loading accelerator first, then the blades, to keep the ducting clean and facilitate loading. The coupling of the grass catcher to the duct is flexible and allows for perfect sealing.
The inside of the grass catcher is equipped with a filter grid and a mobile grass spreader to ensure complete filling and compaction of the grass.
A sensor detects when the grass catcher is full and stops the rotation of the blades to prevent clogging.
FD 13.09 is equipped with 2 electrically-actuated hydraulic outlets with quick couplings on the front, for controlling accessories such as snow plough, brush, etc..., capable of supplying up to 120 bar pressure and 18 l/1'.
The FD 13.09 is a lawnmower that is compact in size, has an extremely short wheelbase, hydro static steering and a turning radius of only 31 cm.
To achieve these characteristics Grillo designed a special steering geometry, placing the steering wheel axle on the vertical of the tire and equipping the steering arm with double articulation.
The FD 13.09, thanks in part to its front deck, offers the best in its class in terms of maneuverability, efficiency and working speed on obstacle-rich courses.

The new 3TNV82A STAGE 5 diesel 1331 cc (26 HP 2800 rpm) 3-cylinder, direct injection, liquid-cooled engine with electric fan and automatic and manual radiator cleaning device, protects the environment and human health by limiting emissions of the main pollutants.
The engine calibration allows optimization of consumption and efficiency, improving the hourly performance and economic return of the machine.
It allows mowing in municipal areas where there are specific legislative requirements to reduce
environmental impact.
Speed is up to 15 km/h. The tank capacity is 23 L.
Stability is excellent because of careful weight distribution.
The machine is equipped with a permanent four-wheel-drive system that is maintained even in the tightest of turns, with four hydraulic motors connected with a special valve and a high-performance variable displacement hydraulic pump for steep slopes (280 bar setting).

In addition, the innovative ADL (Automatic Differential Locking) system automatically manages the locking and unlocking of the differential, instantly detecting the slope; this greatly increases the efficiency and safety of work even in the most challenging conditions, freeing the operator from managing the differential and always guaranteeing maximum grip and stability of the machine (an operation that can also be performed manually).
Due to the geometry of the steering, the special hydraulic system of transmission to the wheels and the automatic stabilizer, the machine does not damage the lawn and has low tire wear.

The FD 13.09 has a spacious and comfortable driver's seat with air suspension, armrests and excellent control ergonomics.
The tilt-adjustable steering wheel position makes the driver's seat suitable for every operator.
All hydraulic grass catcher and deck controls are operated by electric push buttons.
Excellent sound insulation is provided by the quiet, centralized, low airflow loading system.
The shock-absorbing coupling that keeps the grass duct and grass catcher hermetically sealed together, and the provision of an air pre-filtering system positioned in the clean area, make the machine comfortable and suitable for large areas and long hours of non-stop driving.

The painting of Grillo machines is a double-layer electrostatic powder coating. First there are the washing and preparation baths, then a first protective layer is applied which, with baking in the oven, is the best base for the finishing application. The second coat of paint and a further baking in the oven at 190°c give the characteristic hardness and gloss. All FD 13.09 4WD are meticulously assembled and thoroughly tested by specialized personnel. The final inspection of the FD 13.09 4WD includes a test for each machine to check all functionality. A further and final guarantee for a high quality product.

Grillo products are distributed and serviced extensively by Grillo's network of specialist dealers. Spare parts are available even after many years.

Technical data sheet
Technical data sheet FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD
Engine Yanmar 3TNV82A Stage5
Start electric, with 12 V battery
Supply diesel
Displacement 1331 cc, 3 Cylinders
Power 26 HP (18.9 kW)
Liquid cooled
Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges, safety filter and prefilter
Fuel tank capacity 23 L
Hydraulic oil tank 20 L
Traction Hydraulic, 4-wheel drive (permanent drive even with a narrow turning radius)
Gearbox Hydrostatic transmission with 4 hydraulic engines on the 4 wheels
Clutch Clutch: hydraulic for PTO
Cutter deck Cutting deck with collection and mulching kit
Cutting deck width 141 cm
Cutting width 132 cm
Cutting height from 2 to 10 cm, continuously adjustable through hydraulic.
Grass collector capacity 900 L
Grass catcher charging system Load accelerator (Ø 350 mm) with floating blades, belt transmission and independent magnetic clutch. Motorised baffle providing full and even grass catcher filling.
Grass collector discharging system Automatic opening for grass-catcher hydraulic discharge
Maximal discharging height 200 cm
Rear projection 20 cm
Differential locking Automatic differential lock and manual with push button
Front tyres 23x10.50-12 TURF WHEELS
Rear tyres 18x8.50-8 TURF WHEELS
Steering system Hydraulic drive with steering wheel
Speed From 0 to 15 km/h continuously variable
Inner turning radius 31 cm
Seat Super comfort and adjustable sprung seat with arm-rests.
Service brake Drum brake
Parking brake Drum brake
Mowing capacity per hour (indicative) 12000 m²/h
Standard features Automatic disengagement of blades and load accelerator when the grass catcher is full. Hydraulic cutting deck lifting and grass catcher discharge. Mulching kit for 132 cm cutting deck. Lights and indicator kit.
Length 325 cm
Width 141 cm
Height 175 cm
Distance between axles 123 cm
Clear span from the ground 15 cm
Weight 1040 kg without cutting deck; 1230 kg with cutting deck
In action! Photos and Videos
In action! Photos and Videos
Grillo FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD
Implements FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD

Cutting deck 155 cm with collection and mulching kit

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9M5111
weight: 270 kg

Electrically operated hydraulic cutting height adjustment, hydraulic maintenance position.

(from s/n 596441)

Cutting deck 132 cm with collection and mulching kit

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9M4211
weight: 190 kg

Electrically operated hydraulic cutting height adjustment.

130 cm MP cutting deck

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FM 13.09 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9M4411
weight: 148 kg
  • Hydraulic cutting height adjustment
  • Rear discharge and mulching
  • Hydraulic operated Quick Shft lever

Cutting deck LMP 160 cm

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FD 2200 Stage5 4WD - FD 2200TS Stage5 4WD - FM 13.09 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9M4511
weight: 170 kg

Three functions:

  • side discharge
  • mulching
  • rear discharge

All purpose flail 160 cm

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FD 2200 Stage5 4WD - FD 2200TS Stage5 4WD - FM 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FM 2200 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9G5711
weight: 240 kg

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FD 2200 Stage5 4WD - FD 2200TS Stage5 4WD - FM 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FM 2200 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9G7122
weight: 9 kg

Blades scarifier Kit

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FD 2200 Stage5 4WD - FD 2200TS Stage5 4WD - FM 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FM 2200 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9G5822
weight: 4.5 kg

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FM 13.09 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9G6811
weight: 200 kg

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FD 900 Stage5 4WD - FM 13.09 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9G6711
weight: 4.5 kg

Snow chains for 23x10.50-12 wheels (pair)

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FM 13.09 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9M3622
weight: 2 kg

Front blade 150 cm with rubber end

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FM 13.09 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9G5222
weight: 135 kg

The orientable front blade allows to rapidly free pathways from snow and ice; it's useful for removing stone piles or sand heaps.
All blade movements are hydraulically controlled; the blade can be lifted up and inclined laterally of + / - 30°.
The rubber end helps avoiding damages on stone pavings and streets.
Hydraulic kit is needed with this implement.

Rear stabiliser weight

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FM 13.09 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9A9411
weight: 34 kg
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