FD 900 Stage5 4WD

Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD

The Grillo FD 900 is a hydro static out front mower with permanent four-wheel drive, even on a tight turning radius. It has a 126 cm front cutting deck and a grass catcher with a raised discharge at 195 cm height and 30 cm overhang. Its small turning radius of 37 cm and compact dimensions make it maneuverable and stable even on slopes. Because of its performance and features, this mower is suitable for the maintenance of large areas and gardens or parks full of plants.

The innovative permanent 4WD drive system, via the hydraulic differential, allows the machine to work with maximum grip and without slipping in all conditions, without ever ruining the turf, even at maximum steering. Stability in sloping and slope cutting conditions is guaranteed by the well-designed weight distribution and the differential lock with automatic or manual operation. The rear axle is tilting and allows 4-wheel drive even when cutting areas with uneven ground. The garden tread and tire width minimize trampling of the lawn, even when the grass catcher is loaded.

The 126 cm front cutting deck is newly designed and exceptionally sturdy, it can reach the most difficult places (under plants, hedges, etc.). The cutting system is a 3-blade system, 2 blades plus a central front blade, this direct loading system guarantees great cutting quality and low noise. The main blades of the deck incorporate two turbines to ensure a high collection capacity and excellent cutting quality even in high, damp grass, a typical condition for the first spring cuts. The cutting height adjustment is hydraulic and centralized, controlled with an electric button from the driver's seat.

The height can be infinitely adjusted from 2 to 10 cm, which is an ideal feature for achieving a quality cut in sports fields. The deck is floating with hydraulic assistance, the wheels always have the right pressure on the ground for a smooth cut, even in terrain with bumps or dips. The deck wheels are full anti-puncture. The anti-skid wheels of the cutting deck are mounted on ball bearings and their height is adjustable. The entire cutting apparatus with primary drive by cardan shaft and secondary drive by belt can be folded up for inspection and maintenance of the blades, without having to disconnect transmission parts. The cutting apparatus is equipped with a cleaning system for the grass conduit coming out of the deck. The drive is hydraulic and is activated automatically each time the grass catcher is emptied.

The grass catcher has a capacity of 750 L and is equipped with a hydraulic lift and tilt, the maximum discharge height is 195 cm with a 30 cm overhang. The motorized deflector allows for total, uniform and optimal filling of the grass catcher regardless of grass conditions because of the three-position adjustable sensor. When the grass catcher is full, the sensor interrupts cutting to prevent clogging. The grass catcher door closes and opens automatically.

The grass catcher and cutting deck hydraulic services are operated by means of practical levers with safety device, located on the dashboard. It is quick and easy to unload the grass inside the grass catcher, just as it is quick and easy to raise the cutting deck to move around and easily negotiate kerbs or obstacles.

The mulcher for the FD 900 has a cutting width of 130 cm; it is equipped with 42 pairs of "Y" blades and the cutting height can vary from 2 to 10 cm. It is also equipped with double attachments and can be mounted centrally or translated with a 16 cm overhang to the right to mulch the edges of ditches while keeping the wheels in a safe position. It is equipped with a rear roller and an anti-scalp roller with rapid cutting height adjustment by means of a rack. The front wheels are full anti-puncture. The mulcher's gearbox has a bevel gear pair with helical teeth in an oil bath, to ensure low noise during work, and is also equipped with a blade brake, chopping bar, anti-drop protection behind the wheel spindles, and adjustable front bulkhead of the cutting chamber. The scarifier kit with straight knives is optional.

The FD 900 is equipped with a Yanmar 3TNV80F 3-cylinder 25 HP diesel engine that meets EC (NRMM) Stage V (Europe) and EPA Final Tier 4 (USA) regulations, mounted on silent blocks in a particularly sturdy monocoque frame, specially designed to protect the main mower components. The machine has a spacious and comfortable driver's seat, the position is ergonomic and the cushioned and adjustable seat has side guards. The steering wheel is equipped with power steering. Everything is designed not to fatigue the operator even after many hours of work.

The engine is liquid-cooled with a self-cleaning radiator; the electric fan for cooling can reverse the direction of rotation to remove any grass clippings on the radiator. This is operated automatically and regulated by a sensor, but can also be activated manually. The radiator and tank open outwards for easy inspection and cleaning.

The painting of Grillo machines is a double-layer electrostatic powder coating. First there are the washing and preparation baths, then a first protective layer is applied which, with baking in the oven, is the best base for the finishing application. The second coat of paint and a further baking in the oven at 190°c give the characteristic hardness and gloss. All FD 900s are meticulously assembled and thoroughly tested by specialized personnel. The final inspection of the FD 900 includes a test for each machine to check all functionality. A further and final guarantee for a high quality product.

Grillo products are distributed and serviced extensively by Grillo's network of specialist dealers. Spare parts are available even after many years.

Technical data sheet
Technical data sheet FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Engine Yanmar 3TNV80F Stage5
Start electric, with 12 V battery
Supply diesel
Displacement 1267 cc, 3 Cylinders
Power 25 HP (18.4 kW)
Liquid cooled with electric impeller and equipped with automatic radiator cleaning device
Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges, safety filter and prefilter
Fuel tank capacity 31 L
Hydraulic oil tank 6,3 L
Traction Hydraulic, 4-wheel drive (permanent drive even with a narrow turning radius)
Gearbox Hydrostatic transmission with 4 hydraulic engines on the 4 wheels
Clutch Electromagnetic for PTO
Cutter deck Cutting deck with collection
Cutter deck 126 cm
Cutting deck width 133 cm
Cutting height From 2 to 10 cm, continuously adjustable through hydraulic.
Grass collector capacity 750 L
Grass catcher charging system The two main blades are fitted with steel fans of the shaft. Motorised baffle providing full and even grass catcher filling.
Grass collector discharging system Automatic opening for grass-catcher hydraulic discharge
Maximal discharging height 195 cm
Rear projection 30 cm
Differential locking Automatic differential lock and manual with push button
Front tyres 23x10.50-12 Turf
Rear tyres 18x7.50-8 Turf
Steering system Hydraulic drive with steering wheel
Speed From 0 to 15 km/h continuously variable
Inner turning radius 37 cm
Seat Grammer, super comfort and adjustable sprung seat. With side steel protections.
Service brake Drum brake
Parking brake Drum brake
Mowing capacity per hour (indicative) 9000 m²/h
Standard features Automatic disengagement of blades when the grass catcher is full. Hydraulic cutting deck lifting and grass catcher discharge. Road homologation lights.
Length 291 cm
Width 133 cm
Height 166 cm
Distance between axles 119 cm
Clear span from the ground 15 cm
Weight 805 kg without cutting deck; 980 kg with cutting deck
In action! Photos and Videos
In action! Photos and Videos
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
Grillo FD 900 Stage5 4WD
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to be applied on FD 900 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9G6611
weight: 200 kg

to be applied on FD 13.09 Stage5 4WD - FD 900 Stage5 4WD - FM 13.09 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9G6711
weight: 4.5 kg

to be applied on FD 900 Stage5 4WD
item no.: 9M6211
weight: 8 kg
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